InVixa is finalizing its pre-clinical studies to choose a lead drug candidate for testing in forthcoming human clinical trials. There are multiple different statins, each with unique physiochemical and pharmacokinetic properties that will act at multiple levels to treat pulmonary diseases.

The Company expects results from additional pre-clinical studies in early 2021 and human clinical trials to start later in 2021. These trials will be conducted in hospitalized COVID-19 patients to determine if this approach prevents their clinical deterioration into acute respiratory failure and ARDS requiring mechanical ventilation. 


InVixa is seeking strategic opportunities to partner and collaborate with pharma and generics companies to rapidly bring its product to market to support the fight against this devastating global pandemic.

The Company has an existing scientific collaboration with a leading academic institution and medical center at the University of California, Davis.

InVixa’s novel statin formulations can be an ideal asset for companies seeking partnership opportunities in the field of respiratory or infectious disease, in particular, in COVID-19.